Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Electrodes possible device to treat or reduce T

hiI read a scientist in Belgium has implanted 30 patients with electrodesto reduce T with some success. See below which is 2008 aricle. ( (external link, opens new browser window) link,?opens new browser window)

Just the other day (28 Sep Mon or so), I read 38 blind volunteers (I think it is from US) have volunteered to test electrodes which enabled them to see some images. The results was hailed as a success and it was stated the cure for blindness , 1 of the holy grail , was found.

Hearing loss and tinnitus next ?

The article also mentioned a Germany scientist has 1 success by running electrical current near the brain. So fellow T sufferers in Germany may want find out more from that German scientist, Berthold Langguth, who is a neurologist in Germany.