Sunday, October 25, 2009

Some articles on T

See the link.

There are also some links on related stories inside the article for general reading up on T.

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The Hearing Loss and Tinnitus connection

The relationship of Hearing Loss and Tinnitus.

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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Nanomagnets Guide Stem Cells To Damaged Tissue

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Stem cell restore sight. Hearing loss next ?

Gene therapy was almost thrown out when a death occurred and a few cancer cases surfaced a few years ago.Now gene therapy has success again. The below article may suggest similar treatment pattern for hearing loss, balance disorder and the hearing-loss-induced T , by similarly using a neutralised harmless virus to deliver the healing atoh1 gene to the injured inner ear area. You can read more atoh1 on my other thread here in this blog wongtanlim3 .

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The wonder zebra fish helps in hearing loss and balance disorder

The tiny zebra fish's developing ears is useful for study into hearing loss and balance disorder


Monday, October 5, 2009

Possible Human Trials / Clinical Trials

1. Cord blood

I found these 2 links. Seem human trials will be coming ?

Please see the 1st link on the cord blood coy and the 2nd link on where the idea might have come from:

2. Infusion device and microscopic tube into the cochlea

Seem French scientists able to perform micro-surgery to insert a microscopic tube into the cochlea.

I will think if the rather invasive surgeryit does not damage the inner ear, then the device might be able to deliver stem cells or other healing agents into the cochlea to treat sensorineural hearing loss.

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See ATA's reference to it at