Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Antibody Against Cancerous Stem Cell

It appear 1 of the major problems with stem cell therapy is that the stem cells which are being re-generated (by the new technologies) might grow and grow ie after the damaged part in our inner ear is replaced with the regenerated stem cells, the stem cells might still continue growing and become cancerous. This is of course not acceptable. I found this article which said a Bioprocessing Technology Institute's researchers have uncovered a protein that kills only embryonic stem cells. This will prevent the potential cancer risk of future stem cell cures.So it seem the barriers are coming down, slowly but surely!

Ps : It might be also of real practical importance now that since this month Sep of 2009, e-mails are starting to come out from China that a Qingdao hospital there is starting to use stem cell to treat human nerve deafness.

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