Monday, November 22, 2010

My thoughts

hi people

I think I will share some of my thoughts tonight.

I believe for those of us who want a cure for our hearing loss (admittedly many do not), we can , eventually. But the first cure would not be from stem cell or gene therapy. There are just too many challenges to overcome and it does not help that some among us are sabotaging the doers with all the pro-life talk and what nots. Then the risk of the dreaded cancer is also there.

My guess is that our 1st cure will come in the form of super mechanical cochlea , which would almost rival our human cochlea, made available by nanotechnology. This would be unlike the current device used in Cochlea Implant which operation often destroy and by-pass our human cochlea and tap directly into the hearing nerve lines linking the human cochlea to the brain.

This is what is happening in the treatment of another equally complex organ, the eye.

My confidence in scientists really get a boost when i read this article.

If they invent this "..The implant device, which sits completely within the eye, is a tiny plate, measuring just 3 mm squared and a 10th of a millimeter thick, which has around 1,500 tiny light sensors connected to amplifiers and electrodes..", they can invent the cochlea.

Then for those of us who want a real biological cure, all is needed is a little more patience. The scientists are slowly but surely getting there.

It helps that there are now much more public awareness on the possibility of a hearing loss cure and this lead to more funding and budding scientists coming on board. Therefore we have heard that Novartis is setting aside a war chest of over $200 million for a gene therapy. Below the radar, I would not be surprised if dozens more venture fund managers are quietly bumping in monies into the industry. Recently the Obama administration just announced it is printing billions of dollars more to boast the US economy and this is going to lead to flooding of equity on the market. Some of this billions is going to our cures, you can bet.

So my friends, sleep well and have a good night

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